An Ode to Ched

A fairytale I wish to tell

Of a famous ne’er do well

His name was Ched, of Evanshire

A man of note, of fame! (a liar..?)

But first, let’s pause to understand

How people live in Menzerland

The men are fierce, and brave and strong

They live life proud, they sing their song

of wine and girls and what is theirs

(Or what they take), for who would care

They run the courts, the trade, the schools

The women work within these rules

And if perchance a girl speaks out

They call their trolls to take her out.

Bitch slut or cunt or rancid whore

Just laugh it off! You’re such a BORE

And there I fail, this honest voice

I live there too, who gets a choice?

I can’t see life outside the lens

Of life and love run by Teh Menz

We paint our nails to stop the rape

Wear Borstal knicks to help escape

the wretched bog of lust and hate

That’s been our lot since seven or eight

It’s sort of cool. It is. It’s FUN

To hare off home and when you’re done

Record your win, you weren’t attacked

She got raped but you got back

So climb your tower, pull up your hair

Stay down, stay small, don’t try, don’t dare

to break these norms, they’re water tight

Rules are rules and men are RIGHT

that rape’s not rape unless you scream

Outside works best, down alleys a theme.

A knife can help cos that’s more certain

That what’s in store involves you hurting

With blood and bruises as your proof

A broken mind can’t tell the truth

to satisfy the crowds that come

around the man – you’re over. Done.

So change your name, move house, move town

You got your way, he’s going down

You fucking bitch look what you did

You wrecked his life, he’s just a kid

And whilst you start your life anew

Remember what you put him through.

What’s that you say – you’re not the same?

Turn up the box, time for The Game.


6 thoughts on “An Ode to Ched

  1. As a father & a feminist. I’m furious too, well said. & powerfully articulated, this fucker took advantage of a girl who could not consent, it is rape pure & simple, he has no defence.

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